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Baby is here and it's time to think about exercise! While post delivery we are looking at 6 weeks to really get back to movement beyond essential mommy-functions, we can do some limited movement patterns to put the pieces back together with our pelvic floor and mid section.


Time-and-time again, we all hear it; 'your body is completely different after baby', 'your body will never be the same', 'your'e stuck with the mommy pooch', 'you'll pee your pants forever', 'no more jumping jacks for you', ...etc. The truth is, if we have an opportunity to be STRONGER after baby, do we want our bodies to be the same? I'd take that opportunity in a heart beat! So, YES, your body will change. But let's leverage the resources we have and our bodies' incredible ability to change for the better, and get stronger!


This Course will teach you breathing and activation fundamentals in weeks 1-6 postpartum and get you moving with strength and advanced core exercises by weeks 8 and on. You'll receive five videos showing you the way to repair, reconnect and restore your pelvic floor and mid section. I'm excited to work with you!

Core Connections Course

  • As this product is fully digital, there are no refunds.

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